Aluminum profiles used in pontoons are designed specially, passed various tests and are appropriate for marine life. Plastic floaters used in pontoons are made of high density polyethylene and very resistant against damages, sea water and sunlight. The floaters also have polystyrene filling on the inside to increase resistance.

  • Hard to break, impossible to sink,
  • Light and easy to carry,
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to repair,
  • Suitable for electricity, water and fuel systems by means of the channels,
  • Water circulation by means of gaps between floaters,
  • Cleat replaceable easily,
  • Easy to attach accessories such as bank bench and safety rail easily,
  • Protection against impacts by means of soft and flexible fenders
  • Flexible structure adjustable according to the lifting capacity,
  • Availability as fire and fuel station,
  • Economic,
  • Walkways,
  • Suitable for applying aluminum, wooden and similar coatings.