The Rotodock floating dock can respond to all applications on the water surface. Rotodock, produced with rotation technology, is a preferred product because of its modern appearance and environment friendliness. Special fittings (rubber) allow the floating scaffold system to move in adverse weather conditions and the system will not be damaged. Each unit of the Rotodock floating dock can easily be joined to the rubber fitting. The parts used on the product completely remove rust in the water. With its modular design and ease-of-use, the Rotodock floating dock offers commercial installation options that are tailored for individual use, needs and environmental conditions.

Flotation CapacityWidthLengthHeight
(A) 1800 kg/pcs.200 cm300 cm38 cm180 kg
(B) 1350 kg/pcs.150 cm300 cm38 cm130 kg
(C) 900 kg/pcs.100 cm300 cm38 cm90 kg
(C) 450 kg/pcs.100 cm150 cm38 cm45 kg

Rotodock Floating Dock

Rotodock floating dock is an ideal system especially designed for sheltered areas. With modular pontoon parts, you can enlarge or shrink your system to any size. The ease of assembly and disassembly gives you the freedom to make changes on your system. The marina built with Rotodock floating platform systems can be used for many years. It is extremely easy to extend the useful life of the Rotodock floating dock by using the appropriate fixing parts in place of the installation. Thanks to its reliable, robust and easy-to-install structure, it can be used in stagnant waters such as rivers, lakes, gulfs and places not exceeding 70 cm in wave height. The beige color used in the modules is preferred because it produces a relatively cooler surface than the darker colors. In addition, the lines on the product surface prevent sliding, allowing for more comfortable and reliable movement.

Features and Advantages

  • No maintenance required
  • Useful accessories
  • Multipurpose modular design
  • Safety connecting rubbers
  • Durability and flexibility
  • Non-slip surface
  • Four season use in protected areas
  • Save time with fast and practical installation

Various Dock Applications

  • Marinas, recreation areas
  • Hotels and restaurants, camps, water parks, water sports
  • Government and military projects
  • Organizations (concerts, weddings, competitions, festivals, fairs, exhibition areas)
  • Fishermen’s shelters and berths
  • Industrial solutions (generator, drilling system, water intake structure, work platforms)
  • Floating pool and bridges