Our canoes are designed as single and double. It has a useful and fun design. Seaside is the ideal product for tourism. It is the safest diversion from the coast in stagnant waters. Polyethylene canoe is ideal for relaxing sports activities. Turn your holiday into an enthusiastic adventure.

The polyethylene canoe, which reduces fatigue, provides comfortable long-term use with anatomic seating. The lightweight design provides practical solutions for transport, stacking and storage. Its easy cleaning ability does not tire you and it does not suffer from the weary flesh of the sea.

Polietilen KanoDOUBLE CANOE
Length: 374 cm
Width: 85 cm
Height: 35 cm
Weight: 34 kg

Polyethylene CanoeSINGLE CANOE

Length: 289 cm
Width: 75 cm
Height: 36,5 cm
Weight: 24 kg