Pipe float has 600 liter, 800 liter and 1000 liter diameter discharge pipes with the ability to float comfortably. It is used to float the discharge pipes used in bottom screening, sand extraction and waste discharge machines. Pipes are flush closed cell type polyurethane foam padding. Polystyrene filler can also be made if desired. Thanks to this filling, there are no cracks or cracks that can float in the water; The polyurethane filling in it will allow the clamping ability to continue to float.

Boru Yüzdürücü Kelepçe Pipe Floater


Due to its light and compact nature, it can be handled and clamped to the pipes easily and quickly. Pipe floats are suitable for use where water level is low due to low draft. It is 3 times longer than steel or concrete floats. Resistant to corrosion. The smoothly clamped pipe holders show a constant buoyancy even under heavy weight.

Product Code: CMS-060
Volume: 220 litre
Filled Weight: 30,6 kg
Unfilled Weight: ≈ 24 kg
Pipe Diameter: 31,5 cm
Floating Capacity: 185 kg

Product Code: CMS-034
Volume: 600 litre
Filled Weight: 63 kg
Unfilled Weight: ≈ 35 kg
Pipe Diameter: 45 cm
Floating Capacity: 600 kg

Product Code: CMS-035
Volume: 800 litre
Filled Weight: 67 kg
Unfilled Weight: ≈ 42 kg
Pipe Diameter: 50 cm
Floating Caapcity: 800 kg

Product Code: CMS-061
Volume: 800 litre
Filled Weight: 30,6 kg
Unfilled Weight: ≈ 55 kg
Pipe Diameter: 87,7 cm
Floating Capacity: 800 kg

Product Code: CMS-038
Volume: 1000 litre
Filled Weight: 86 kg
Unfilled Weight: ≈ 56 kg
Pipe Diameter: 50-60 cm
Floating Capacity: 1000 kg