• Aluminum 6005 T6 main profile
  • ISO 3834-2 welding certificate
  • High quality
  • Various lifting capacities and Freeboard height upon demand,
    Production as per type of floaters used
  • Suitable for boats up to 45m with mega yacht profile
  • Suitable for tightening boats in different length and height such as fish boats and ferryboats as well as any kind of yachts,
    Easy to install


  • Aluminum 6005 T6 main profile
  • ISO 3834-2 welding certificate
  • High quality
  • Suitable for attaching cleat, bitt and similar accessories by means of channels
  • Easy to install
  • Produced in delta shape
  • Lifting capacity of 150 kg/m2 and possible to increase it with floaters


  • Suitable for producing in required sizes
  • Composite or wooden coatings on floors
  • Lifting capacity of 200kg/m2 up to 6m, and 400kg/m2 for 6 meter over
  • Suitable for increasing lifting capacity upon demand
  • Made of aluminum 6005 T6 main profile
  • ISO 3834-2 welding certificate
  • High quality


  • Floating ability of piers in required levels
  • Type 1 floater – 240 kg/m2 lifting capacity and 50 cm ±5 cm height
  • Type 2 floater – 500 kg/m2 lifting capacity and 57 cm ±5 cm height
  • Type 3 floater – 900 kg/m2 lifting capacity and 83 cm ±5 cm height
  • Durable against any weather condition and impacts,
  • Long-life

Mooring System

  • Mooring system suitable for any kind of environment
  • HEA Bracket used to moor the pontoons in parallel with the coast
  • Stiff Arm Bracket used to moor in a particular distance from coast
  • Mooring with Pole working in compliance with the level of the sea by means of the wheels
  • Chain Vault Method enabling pontoons to be moored on the sea surface

Covering Solutions

  • Composite material
  • Various color options
  • Wooden coating upon demand
  • Flooring in various types


  • Having systems for internet, cable TV, card-operated counters and lighting
  • Emergency equipment for fire and similar events
  • Various models having aluminum or polyethylene


  • Lateral Fender: It protects boat and pier against impacts with UV filter and flexibility.
  • Corner Fender: It prevents corners of pier to give damage on boat
  • Flex Fender: It allows big sailboats and motor yachts to approach the pier.
  • D Fender: It decreases the crashing load of boats against pier


  • Cleat: There are two types of cleats having drawing endurance from 3 tons to 10 tons. Suitable for yachts up to 15 – 25 meters.
  • Ladder: It prevents corrosion by placing on the sea when they are not used by means of float system ladder stand.
  • Extra floater: It has lifting capacity of 100 kg.
    It is used to provide extra floating ability to the floaters under the points which gangways are fixed with pole brackets.
  • Safety rail: It is used to create safe passing areas.
    Coastal balcony: It allows gangways to lower in parallel with the pontoon.