Jetport jet ski platform provides you with protection against winds and waves by acting according to changes in water level, providing you to create your own private areas in the seas, lakes and rivers. The drain holes on the Jetport help keep your product dry enough. It can be connected with other scaffolds with the help of an adapter. Thus, the person can offer appropriate solutions. The Jetport jet ski platform prevents sea lions from sticking on jet skis and creating moss on jet skis.

Lifting Cap.LengthWidthHeightWeight
1200 kg/pc.396 cm147 cm38 cm180 cm


  • Sandblasted surface preventing slip
  • Convenient and comfortable system to drain the water that accumulates on the product
  • Stability provided by the design
  • A stopper that prevents the product from being ejected from the port during fast and uncontrolled
  • Safe and smooth outlet design
  • Handle on the head of the product
  • Straps that can be used for transport on both sides of the entrance
  • The ability to attach the ram’s horn without any damage to the product thanks to the metal inserts integrated with the plastic during manufacturing

Jetport jet ski platform