You can create new areas for floating solar panels using lakes, ponds, water channels, aluminum pontoons in the sea and stagnant waters, or specially designed polyethylene floating dubs.

Stable water is very efficient in terms of solar absorption due to its smoothness. Keeping panel surfaces cool by water increases productivity. Thanks to algae sticking on it, biological cleaning process of the water accelerates. As the evaporation rate decreases, the water loss in the dams is reduced. An increase in energy production is achieved by 22 percent due to sudden reflection.

The sunlight, which reaches the earth, is dispersed depending on the color and texture of cismin. For example, a white cloud reflects a large part of the light falling on it. The sea, that is water, reflects only a small part of the light falling on it. This feature of the water helps to increase the radiation on the floating solar power plant panels, thus increasing the efficiency.


We offer renewable energy source solutions with floating solar tanks built with specially designed aluminum carcasses and polyethylene floats. The platforms can be expanded or reduced by modular structures, but the capacities can be increased or decreased in the direction of your choice.


Thanks to the plastic floaters with polyethylene body, it is possible to install floating, solar panel systems which are nature friendly, durable, durable and flexible. With these easy-to-install systems, you can create thousands of square meters of space in a very short time.