Floating safety barriers have the highest visibility on the water thanks to the high body. It is suitable for use in flooded areas, areas where the flow rate is high and in dams.

Floating safety barriers are made of polyethylene material. Polyethylene, a type of polymer, is one of the strongest and longest-lasting materials used on water. It does not change color when exposed to long time sun rays with UV feature. Bodies are connected to each other to form a floating structure and various configurations are installed on the water. Inside the barriers there are foam packings called polyurethane or polystyrene. With this filling material, the barrier does not lose its buoyancy property even when it is heavily damaged and the use of the product is continued.

Güvenlik Bariyeri

Technical Informations

95 cm190 cm95 cm


  • It sets limits and prevents unauthorized entry.
  • It prevents small boats from entering.
  • Specifies unsafe areas.
  • Vandalism ensures the security of open areas.