Floating breakwater creates safe areas at sea. Thanks to its modular structure, the floating breakwater created by connecting in different combinations with each other responds to many solu- tions on the water. The breakwater system is strong and long-lasting on the sea due to its high period, durable body structure.

Floating BreakwaterFloating BreakwaterFloating Breakwater

Floating breakwater system can be connected with one row, two rows, five rows and seven rows. Depending on factors such as wave height or risk factor in the region, it is decided which system will be suitable. When used as a security barrack, it has a boat stopping power of 3 meters to 22 meters.

The zone will not be contaminated because it will not cut off the bottom currents and surface currents in the region.

The site offers solutions for specific wave periods in distressed places such as harbors, fishermen shelters, beaches, coves. The floating wave breaks the energy of the waves that exist in the region where the wave is established and ensures that the wave breaker comes with minimum strength. The module can take up to 90% of the energy of the breaker broken by its shape and connections, and does not cause a change in the natural flow or direction of the water.

It can also be used as a security bar.


115X50 cm12,5 cm102,5 kg
Yüzer Dalgakıran


80X35 cm15 cm65 kg
Yüzer Dalgakıran