PMS Dockmarine produces high-density polyethylenene production of fish cage brackets used during fish farming.

The fish cage bracket is manufactured from polyethylene material in closed structure with rotation technique. For this reason, each pillar is a significant contributor to the cage’s face like a buoy. In addition, the fish cage bracket used in the installation of the fish cages can be of several types and the diameter of the pipe.

CMS00139 cm107,7 cm26,8 cm
CMS001-139 cm111 cm26,8 cm
CMS00239 cm111 cm26,8 cm
CMS002-139 cm111 cm26,8 cm
CMS00339 cm111 cm26,8 cm
CMS003-139 cm111 cm26,8 cm
CMS01682 cm120 cm45 cm
CMS016-182 cm120 cm45 cm
CMS016-282 cm120 cm44 cm
CMS01780 cm123 cm48 cm
CMS017-180 cm122 cm48 cm
CMS017-280 cm122 cm48 cm
CMS01362,2 cm91 cm17 cm