Here in PMS we produce both concrete pontoons and concrete breakwaters in our own design aspects and know how to provide solutions either for standart marina requirements or special case conditions where dimensions are needed to be out of range. We have 12 years experience in R&D and production in an effective cooperation with the Coastal-Harbour Engineering departments of Middle East Tecnical University and Yıldız Technical University.

Up to now, we designed and produced floating concrete blocks weighing 1.0 ton to 185.0 tons as the units of floating systems. We reached 1.5 width in the design and production of unconstrained pontoon unit having even a certain eccentric load capacity.

As in width and height measurement, it is possible to manufacture besides the measurements such as overhead line, freeboard, 0.45-0.50-0.55m which is also standard in its size.

Concrete floating breakwater production was made for various projects from 4.0m width to 8.0m. Generally 20.0 m in length and 2.0 m in total height are produced up to 5.0 m. The altitude altitude and overhead line, freeboard, and measurements are handled separately for each project requirement.

Hot dip galvanized reinforced concrete steel is used in all concrete production. Concrete Fiber C40 TIR. Floating dock and floating breakwater blocks are completely hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. Floating blocks are connected to each other with high carrying capacity, flexible, steel cable connection elements are used. The contact points are equipped with specially designed neoprene wedges.

ISO 9001-2008 quality management is taken as a basis in designing, projecting and production processes.

PMS is also able to provide project support for floating sea structures. In this context, there are many projects approved both by the domestic and foreign authorities.