Multiple, durable and easily installable floating dock solutions

Rotodock Floating Dock

rotodock floating dock

The Rotodock floating dock offers a wide range of installation possibilities, from modular design and ease of use to commercial applications, from your personal use to your environmental needs.

Sunnydock Floating Dock

sunnydock floating dock

Sunnydock is designed to be used in floating docks, winds, and areas exposed to waves. It is not affected by high wave length. Installation is easy and fast.

Jetport Jet Ski Dock

jetport jet ski platform

Jetport jet ski platform, providing you with your own private space in the seas, lakes and rivers, protects your sea against winds and waves by acting according to changes in water level.

Boat Lift

boatlift platform

Boatlift boat platform makes it easy to park your boat on the water. Boatlift boat platform can be equipped with electric or reel system hand cranes depending on demand.

Floating Breakwater

floating breakwater

Floating breakwater creates safe areas at sea. Thanks to its modular structure, many solu- tions such as the use as a barrier on water are connected with each other in different combinations.

Floating Safety Barrier

floating safety barrier

The floating security bar has the highest visibility on the water with its high body. It is suitable for use in areas and floods where there is a fluctuating and high flow rate.

Polyethylene Boat

rotoboat polyethylene boat

Thanks to the Rotoboat polyethylene boat body, the sound and vibration of the water are absorbed and provide a quiet driving pleasure. Polyethylene was produced in one piece.

Polyethylene Canoe

polyethylene canoe

The polyethylene canoe is designed as single and double. It has a useful and fun design. Ideal for seaside tourism. There are various color options.


Projects with Dockmarine floating scaffolding systems have a long history of use. It is extremely easy to extend the service life of the product by using the appropriate fixing parts at the installation site.

  • Modular design
  • Ease of use
  • Set-up feature as needed
  • The ability to add and remove parts after installation
  • Resistance to the adverse effects of sunlight thanks to UV additive
  • 300 kg transport capacity per square meter
  • Powerful and flexible connectors
  • Fixing to different areas with special fittings


Dubai Boat Show 2017

We attended the International Dubai Boat Show 2017, which took place from February 28 to March 4, 2018 in Dubai. We are interested in our new product, JetPort Max, Marine Dock and Boat Lift, especially our boat parking platform, where the organization of the Middle East management is undertaken.

Floating Pool Project – France

In France, we implemented a floating pool project to ensure the safety of swimmers in the river and to avoid drowning. In addition, this floating pier is kept under constant surveillance by two lifeguards for the safety of the people. By the end of July, our pool project, which has been in operation, has made […]